Xam idea Chemistry for CBSE Class 12 | 2024-25 edition

Xam idea Chemistry for CBSE Class 12 | 2024-25 edition

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  • Edition: 2024-25
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    The new Xam Idea Chemistry for Class 12  2024-25 edition  has been thoroughly revised, diligently designed and uniquely formatted in accordance with CBSE Examination requirements and NEW CBSE guidelines for the session 2024-25.

    About the book

    1. Modelled on the updated syllabus and guidelines prescribed by the CBSE Board for the session 2024-25.

    2. Contains Points to Remember and Complete Solved< >NCERT Textbook questions.

    3. Competency-Focused Questions including Multiple Choice Questions, Case Study Based Questions, and Assertion Reason Questions are given chapter-wise per CBSE guidelines.

    4. Chapterwise Conceptual questions are given to clarify the application of concepts.

    5. Constructed Response Questions including different typologies of questions in the form of Short Answer and Long Answer Questions, are given Chapterwise.

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