Commerce - III sybcom sem 3 Manan Prakashan B.Com Sem 3 -

Commerce - III SYBcom sem 3 Manan Prakashan

  • Publisher : Manan Prakashan
  • Author: Michael Vaz, Aurora Vaz
  • Edition: 2024
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    Commerce - III Book is base on latest updated syllabus and paper pattern prescribed by Mumbai University for B.Com (Bachelor of commerce) 2nd Year semester 3 published by Manan Prakashan. The knowledge gained through the study of this subject will be useful to the students of all through their in Management professional lives.


     1. Introduction To Management (11 Lec.)

    ♦ Management- Concept, Nature, Functions, Managerial Skills & Competencies
    ♦ Evolution of Management Thoughts
    Classical Approach: Scientific Management – F.W.Taylor’s Contribution
    Classical Organisation Theory: Henri Fayol’s Principles
    Neo Classical : Human Relations Approach – Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne experiments
    ♦ Modern Management Approach – PeterDrucker’s Dimensions of Management, Indian Management Thoughts: Origin & Significance of Indian Ethos to Management.

    2. Planning & Decision Making (10 Lec.)
    ♦ Planning – Steps, Importance, Components, Coordination – Importance
    ♦ M.B.O – Process, Advantages, Management By Exception- Advantages; Management Information System – Concept, Components
    ♦ Decision Making – Techniques, Essentials of a Sound Decision Making, Impact of Technology on Decision Making

    3. Organising (12 Lec.)
    ♦ Organising – Steps, Organisation Structures – Features of Line & Staff Organisation, Matrix Organisation, Virtual Organisation, Formal v/s Informal Organisation
    ♦ Departmentation – Meaning – Bases, Span of Management – Factors Influencing Span of Management, Tall and Flat Organisation
    ♦ Delegation of Authority – Process, Barriers to Delegation, Principles of Effective Delegation. Decentralisation : Factors Influencing Decentralisation, Centralization v/s Decentralisation

    4 Directing And Controlling (12 Lec.)
    ♦ Motivation – Concept, Importance, Influencing factors.
    Importance of Communication, Barriers to effective Communication
    ♦ Leadership – Concept, Functions, Styles, Qualities of a good leader.
    ♦ Controlling – Concept, Steps, Essentials of good control system, Techniques of Controlling – PERT, CPM, Budgetary Control, Management Audit.

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