Commerce V Marketing TYBcom Sem 5 Vipul Prakashan

Commerce V Marketing TYBcom Sem 5 Vipul Prakashan

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  • Author: N. G. Kale: M. Ahmed
  • Edition: 2024
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     1. Introduction to Marketing (12 Lec.)

    ♦ Marketing, Concept, Features, Importance, Functions, Evolution, Strategic v/s. Traditional Marketing
    ♦ Marketing Research – Concept, Features, Process Marketing Information System – Concept, Components
    Data Mining – Concept, Importance
    ♦ Consumer Behaviour – Concept, Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour
    Market Segmentation – Concept, Benefits, Bases of Market Segmentation
    Customer Relationship Management – Concept, Techniques
    Market Targeting – Concept, Five Patterns of Target Market Selection

    2. Marketing Decisions – I (11 Lec.)
    ♦ Marketing Mix – Concept
    Product – Product Decision Areas
    Product Life Cycle – Concept, Managing Stages of PLC
    Branding – Concept, Components
    Brand Equity – Concept, Factors Influencing Brand Equity
    ♦ Packaging – Concept, Essentials of a Good Package
    Product Positioning – Concept, Strategies of Product Positioning
    Service Positioning – Importance and Challenges
    ♦ Pricing – Concept, Objectives, Factors Influencing Pricing, Pricing Strategies

    3. Marketing Decisions – II (11 Lec.)
    ♦ Physical Distribution – Concept, Factors Influencing Physical Distribution, Marketing Channels (Traditional and Contemporary Channels)
    Supply Chain Management – Concept, Components of SCM
    ♦ Promotion – Concept, Importance, Elements of Promotion Mix
    Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) – Concept, Scope, Importance
    ♦ Sales Management – Concept, Components, Emerging Trends in Selling
    Personal Selling – Concept, Process of Personal Selling, Skill sets required for Effective Selling

    4. Key Marketing Dimensions (11 Lec.)
    ♦ Marketing Ethics – Concept, Unethical Practices in Marketing, General Role of Consumer Organisations
    Competitive Strategies for Market Leader, Market Challenger, Market Follower and Market Nicher
    ♦ Rural Marketing – Concept, Features of Indian Rural Market, Strategies For Effective Rural Marketing
    Digital Marketing – Concept, Trends in Digital Marketing
    Green Marketing – Concept, Importance
    ♦ Challenges Faced by Marketing Managers in 21st Century
    Careers in Marketing – Skill sets required for Effective Marketing
    Factors contributing to Success of Brands in India with Suitable Examples
    Reasons for Failure of Brands in India with Suitable Examples

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