Himalaya Political Science by Lata Gokhale

Himalaya Political Science by Lata Gokhale

  • Publisher : Himalaya Publication
  • Author: Late B.K. Gokhale, D Srinavasan
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  • Description :

    The book has been divided into two parts: Part I: Political Theory, and Part II: Governmental Machinery. The table of Contents and the Index are fairly detailed. This will enable the reader to reach the required topic of sub-topic in a second. At the end of each Chapter, Summary has been given.


    Contents -

    SECTION − I : Introductory Topics
    1. Definition, Meaning and Nature of Political Science
    2. Scope and Methodology of Political Science
    3. Political Science and Other Social Sciences
    SECTION − II : State, Government, Association and Nation
    1. State and Its Nature
    2. State and Nation
    SECTION − III : Origin of State
    1. Social Contract Theory
    2. Theory of Drive Origin and Theory of Force
    3. Patriarchal and Matriarchal Theories
    4. Historical or Evolutionary Theory
    SECTION − IV : Historical Growth of State
    1. State in Ancient Times
    2. Medieval State
    3. Modern State
    SECTION − V : Sovereignty

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