Aarti Labour Law & Industrial Relations by Dr. D. J. Gangurde FYBSL and  FYLLB

Aarti Labour Law & Industrial Relations By Dr. D. J. Gangurde FYBSL And FYLLB

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    Aarti Industrial Relations & Labor Law Written by D. J. Gangurde The book FYBSL and FYLLB offers a thorough and current analysis of India's labor laws and industrial relations. It is a useful resource for students who are pursuing the Bachelor of Socio-Legal Sciences (BSL) and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) courses in the first year. It also helps students to prepare for the competitive exams and interviews related to the labour and industrial sectors. The book covers all the topics of the subject, such as the history and evolution of labour laws, the constitutional and legal framework of labour rights, the various labour legislations and regulations, the role and functions of trade unions and employers’ associations, the collective bargaining and dispute resolution mechanisms, the social security and welfare measures, and the emerging trends and challenges in the labour and industrial relations. The book is based on the latest syllabus and guidelines issued by the University of Mumbai and other universities in India. The book is written in simple and lucid language, and contains examples, case studies, diagrams, and tables to illustrate the concepts and theories. The book also includes objective and subjective questions with answers and explanations for self-assessment and revision.

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