Indian Economy: Performance And Policies by Uma Kapila| Latest Edition

Indian Economy: Performance And Policies by Uma Kapila| Latest Edition

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  • Author: Uma Kapila
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    Indian Economy: Performance and Policies by Uma Kapila 24th edition 2023-24 is a well-known and widely used textbook that provides comprehensive coverage of various aspects of the Indian economy. This book is a popular choice for students, researchers, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of India's economic performance and policies. It covers both theoretical concepts and practical aspects of the Indian economy.

    Here are some key features you might find in the book "Indian Economy: Performance and Policies" by Uma Kapila:

    1. Macroeconomic Concepts: The book likely covers macroeconomic concepts such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and balance of payments. It provides explanations of these concepts and their relevance to the Indian economy.

    2. Microeconomic Issues: It might delve into microeconomic topics, including market structures, consumer behavior, supply and demand, and pricing mechanisms in the context of the Indian economy.

    3. Sectoral Analysis: The book could discuss various sectors of the Indian economy, such as agriculture, industry, services, and their contributions to the overall economic growth.

    4. Economic Policies: It may provide insights into India's economic policies, including industrial policy, trade policy, fiscal policy, and monetary policy. The book could analyze the effects of these policies on economic growth and development.

    5. Financial Sector: The book might cover topics related to the financial sector, including banking, financial markets, and regulatory institutions in India.

    6. Poverty and Inequality: It could address issues of poverty, inequality, and social welfare programs designed to address these challenges.

    7. Globalization and Economic Reforms: The book may discuss the impact of globalization and economic liberalization on the Indian economy.

    8. Recent Developments: The book might provide insights into recent economic developments and trends in India, including challenges and opportunities.

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