Indian Economy Since Independence by Uma Kapila| Latest Edition

Indian Economy Since Independence by Uma Kapila| Latest Edition

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  • Author: Uma Kapila
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  • Description :
    1. Indian Economy Since Independence by Uma Kapila 34 th edition 2023-24 edition is a well-regarded and comprehensive book that provides insights into the economic development and changes that have taken place in India since its independence in 1947. This book is often used as a reference by students, researchers, policymakers, and anyone interested in understanding the economic evolution of India over the years.
      Here's a general overview of what you might find in the book "Indian Economy Since Independence" by Uma Kapila:
      Historical Context:
      • Introduction to the economic and political circumstances of India during its transition to independence.
      Economic Development Phases:
      • Examination of different phases of economic development since independence, including key policy shifts and reforms.
      Economic Policies:
      • Discussion of major economic policies, including industrial policy, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and trade policy.
      Agriculture and Rural Economy:
      • Coverage of agricultural reforms, rural development strategies, and challenges in the agrarian sector.
      Industry and Services Sectors:
      • Exploration of industrialization, growth of the services sector, and the changing landscape of the Indian economy.
      Infrastructure Development:
      • Analysis of infrastructure development in areas like transportation, energy, and telecommunications.
      Foreign Trade and Investment:
      • Examination of India's trade relations, export-import trends, and foreign direct investment.
      Financial Sector Reforms:
      • Discussion of financial sector reforms, banking reforms, and capital market developments.

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