Indirect Taxes (Goods and Service Tax) Tybms Sem 6 Manan Prakashan BMS Sem 6 -

Indirect Taxes (Goods and Service Tax) Tybms Sem 6 Manan Prakashan

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  • Edition: 2023
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    • Indirect Taxes (Goods & Service Tax) TYBMS TYBFM Sem 6 Manan Prakashan book is base on latest updated syllabus and paper pattern prescribed by Mumbai University for BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) 3rd  year six semester published by Manan Prakashan. The knowledge gained through the study of this subject will be useful to the students of all through their in Management professional lives

      1. Introduction to Indirect Taxation and GST (10 Lectures)
      (A) Basics for Taxation : Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes – Difference, Advantages and Disadvantages, Sources and Authority of Taxes in India (Art. 246 of the Indian Constitution)
      (B) Introduction to GST : Genesis of GST in India, Power to Tax GST (Constitutional Provisions), Extent and Commencement, Meaning and Definition of GST, Benefits of GST, Conceptual Framework – CGST, IGST, SGST, UTGST, Imports of Goods or Services or Both, Export of Goods or Services or Both, Taxes Subsumed and not Subsumed under GST
      (C) Definitions : Goods [2(52) of CGST Act], Services [2(102) of CGST Act], Money [2(75) of CGST Act], Securities [2(101) of SCRA Act, 1956], India [2(56) of CGST Act], Persons [2(84) of CGST Act], Taxable Person [2(107) of CGST Act], Business [2(17) of CGST Act], Consideration [2(31) of CGST Act], E-Commerce Operator [2(45) of CGST Act], Supplier [2(105) of CGST Act], Recipient [2(93) of CGST Act]
      (D) Levy and Collection of GST : Levy and Collection of CGST, IGST, SGST, UTGST (Sec. 9 of CGST Act), Composition Scheme under GST (Sec. 10 of CGST Act), Power to Grant Exemption (Sec. 11 of CGST Act) GST Rate Schedule for Goods and Services

      2. Concept of Supply (20 Lectures)
      (A) Taxable Event Supply : Meaning and Scope of Supply (Section 7 Subsection 1, 2 and 3 of Act) Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule III, Composite and Mixed Supplies (Sec. 8 of CGST Act)
      (B) Place of Supply : Location of Supplier of Goods and Services, Place of Supply of Goods (Sec. 10, 11,12 and 13 of IGST Act), Special Provision for Payment of Tax by a Supplier of Online Information Database Access Retrieval
      (C) Time of Supply : Time of Supply (Sec. 31 of CGST Act), Issue of Invoice by the Supplier [Sec. 31(1) and Sec. 31(2) of CGST Act], Continuous Supply of Goods and Services, Goods Sent on Approval [Sec. 31(7) of CGST Act]
      (D) Value of Supply : Determination of Value of Supply (Sec. 15 of CGST Act and CGST Rules 2017), Input Tax Credit [Sec. 2(62) of CGST Act], Capital Goods [Sec. 2(19) of CGST Act], Input [Sec. 2(59) of CGST Act], Input Service [Sec. 2(60) of CGST Act], Eligibility and Conditions for taking Input Tax Credit (Sec. 16 of CGST Act)

      3. Registration and Computation of GST (20 Lectures)
      (A) Registration : Persons liable for Registration (Sec. 22 of the Act), Persons not Liable for Registration, Procedure for Registration (Sec. 25 of the Act), Deemed Registration (Sec. 26 of the Act), Special Provisions (Sec. 27 of the Act), Amendment, Cancellation and Revocation of Registration (Sec. 28, Sec. 29 and Sec. 31 of the Act)
      (B) Computation of GST : Computation of GST under Inter-State and Intra-State Supplies
      (C) Payment of Tax : Payment of Tax, Interest and Other Amounts (Sec. 49 of the Act), Interest on Delayed Payment (Sec. 50 of the Act), TDS (Sec. 51 of the Act), TCS (Sec. 52 of the Act)

      4. Filing of Returns (10 Lectures)
      (A) Documentation : Tax Invoices (Sec. 31 and 32 of the Act), Credit and Debit Notes (Sec. 34 of the Act), Electronic Way Bill
      (B) Returns : Types of Returns and Provisions Relating to Filing of Returns (Sec. 37 to Sec. 48 of the Act)

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