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Together With Chemist Lab Manual for Class 11

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    This lab manual class 11 chemistry has the following features, which make it a must-buy for the students of chemistry class 11.

    • rich content described in simple language
    • neat and well-labelled illustrations, as a visual aid to enhance the understanding of the technique
    • brief but valuable theoretical background for each experiment
    • tabular representation of data/observations required for the recording of the experiment
    • long list of important questions at the end of each section to assist students to prepare for viva
    • precautions, assisting notes or suggestions provided to help students enjoy the experiments
    • sample solutions provided especially in volumetric and salt analysis that enables students to record the experiment flawlessly

    This lab manual is a constructive measure to assist students in preparing for their chemistry examination. 

    This comprehensive chemistry lab manual class 11 is prepared by our team of expert professional faculty and authors, who very well understand the concepts and theories of cbse chemistry lab manual class 11 and explain them to the students in the easiest possible way.

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