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Organisational Behaviour FYBBI Sem 2 Vipul Prakashan

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    . Introduction of Organizational Behaviour (15 Lectures) Meaning, Nature and Scope of OB, Models of OB Theories of Motivation : l Maslow, Herzberg, Mc. Gregor Theory X and Theory Y, William Ouchi’s Theory Z, Victor Vroom ERG Theory l Application of the Theories l Motivational Techniques in Banking and Insurance Industry 2. Group Dynamics (15 Lectures) l Individual Behaviour (IQ, EQ, SQ) l Group Formation, Team Building, Team Development l Goal Setting l Soft Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Multicultural Skills, Cross Cultural Skills l Johari Window 3. Organizational Culture and Change Management (15 Lectures) l Work Culture, Ways for Making Work Culture Effective and Lively, Work Conflicts l Organizational Change, Effects of Resistance to Change, Ways to Overcome Resistance to Change l Time and Stress Management 4. Organizational Development (15 Lectures) l Meaning and Nature of OD l Techniques of OD l Importance of OD

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